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Light @ Yuan Yang #40

Camera: Sigma SD14
Lens: Sigma EX50-150
Medium: Digital
Aperture: F8
Shutter: 1/4s
ISO: 50
Light: Natural Light
Location: Yuan Yang, China
Date: 25 December 2007
Time: 6:07pm
As the sky was getting darker and the air was once again becoming hazy, just when I thought I could pack my gears and leave, I discovered there was still a glimpse of reddish clouds, and its reflection was slowly moving towards the fields.

This would make a wonderful abstract shot, I told myself. Realizing the action would only last for a couple of minutes, quickly I started my composition. I wanted to include the hut, which I felt could provide a very good scale to the vastness of the fields. I avoided metering the brightest spot, instead I took readings on areas that were very close to middle gray. I fired many shots and stopped when the reflection has eventually vanished. All this took place within a couple of minutes.

When I processed the raw files, I was delighted to discover that the upper portion of the fields were actually bluish and the green fields which weren't quite prominent when I was composing the shot were a bonus; combining with the red reflection, what I have captured was a synchronization of colors, light and patterns.

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