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Light @ Yuan Yang #28

Camera: Sigma SD14
Lens: Sigma EX50-150
Medium: Digital
Aperture: F13
Shutter: 1/40s
ISO: 50
Light: Natural Light
Location: Yuan Yang, China
Date: 25 December 2007
Time: 5:45pm
Please read the story before this shot in page 30.

We were at awe when we arrived at Lao Hu Zui which literally means the Tiger's Mouth. Before us was such an amazing scene, nothing like what I have ever seen in my life. So majestic and breathtaking! Even my capable guide Mr. Ma Li Wen who has live all his life in Yuan Yang was amazed.

I quickly set up my tripod and attached the cable release. Using the EX17-70, I started to compose, I metered the gray area of the clouds and fired a shot. The exposure was accurate. I realized that I should keep the sky and pay less attention to the land, it was after all the sky that was more dramatic. As long as I have not underexposed the land for more than 2 stops then there still will be detail. I have also made sure that I set the ISO to 50, at 50 the superiour Foveon sensor will produce almost noise free images.

For the next hour, I believed I have fired almost a shot every 30secs or whenever I felt I wanted to. I also bracketed the shot, mostly under. At the same time I also tried different compositions. In the meantime, I could hear Mr. Ma telling us how lucky we were to able to meet such quality of light!

I was totally engrossed.

Just when I noticed the cloud in the center has almost moved into position, suddenly I ran out of CF cards, such common blunder! Just when the best thing happened, something bound to go wrong. Luckily a counterpart handed me one.

Lesson of the day, always remember to keep at least one card free!

I continued shooting until the sun went down.

Procuring this shot was probably by far is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever had.

It was later when I looked that image carefully and I noticed that the ray beams shaped like a human figure. Have you notice it too?

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