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Light @ Yuan Yang #27

Camera: Sigma SD14
Lens: Sigma EX50-150
Medium: Digital
Aperture: F8
Shutter: 1/160s
ISO: 50
Light: Natural Light
Location: Yuan Yang, China
Date: 27 December 2007
Time: 10:12am
After some interesting shooting near Duo Yi Shu, we went to east part of the spot. It is about 4KM away, the driver drove us there and then we have to walk about 1KM to reach this location.

Beneath us was like a stage, and the fog most interestingly was as though dancing to the rhythm of the winds and light. Sometimes, the fog covered the houses, other times, it engulfed the fields, creating so many variety of compositions. The photographers enjoyed total liberty to compose images.

I can't remember how many shots I fired, since the rhythm was very up tempo, everything happened so quickly. But I do remember this scene where I waited for the light to break through the dense fog and hit on the houses. The golden lighting was most mesmerizing,  the fog on the other hand has been cooperative, breaking apart diagonally and exposing the houses.

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