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Light @ Yuan Yang #26

Camera: Sigma SD14
Lens: Sigma EX50-150
Medium: Digital
Aperture: F16
Shutter: 1/40s
ISO: 50
Light: Natural Light
Location: Yuan Yang, China
Date: 25 December 2007
Time: 5:32pm
Please refer the story before this shot in page 30.

We were in awe when we arrived at Lao Hu Zui which literally means the Tiger's Mouth. Before us was such an amazing scene, nothing like I have ever seen in my life. So majestic and breathtaking! Even my capable guide Mr. Ma Li Wen who has lived all his life in Yuan Yang was amazed.

I set up my tripod and composed the image and at the same time tried different exposures and compositions. I realized that the sky was the essence of the shot, to keep the detail of the sky, I have got to expose it properly. As long as there is detail in the foreground, I am happy enough.

The condition of lighting changed so quickly and I am completely aware that I have nothing to loose by bracketing the shots. I was after all shooting digitally. Most of the time I have underexposed by 1/3 to 2/3 stops and the close examinations of the raw files later proved my judgments were correct.

When I had finally printed the images, a good friend of mine came over. He looked at the image for a long time and suddenly he told me that the image reminded him of the Chinese mythology where a goddess by the name "NuWa" had helped to mend the sky. She has also done many good things for mankind, my friend continued. He said NuWas has probably forgotten about this part of the sky. He suggested the caption "NuWa's Surprises".

What do you think of the caption? Do drop me a mail.

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