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Camera: Sigma SD9
Lens: Sigma EX24-70 F2.8 Macro
Film: X3F
Aperture: F8
Shutter: 1/250
Light: Single Flash
Date: 09, March 2006
Single light source from top, a 90cmx90cm light box. One of the most challenging aspects of the shot was to pour the water from above while maintaining a straight line.

Just in case you are wondering how old is the hand, well, she is 90 years young. She is cute and absolutely loves the idea!

I just learned about the demise of my beloved model in the picture.

She passed away in her sleep on the 20, April 2009.

Foolish of me only to learn it today!

I should have known when I missed her appearance in recent months.

She was 92.

According to her daughter she complained of having fever, visited the Doctor twice, nothing was unusual. On the night of her demise, she told her daughter she was very tired and that she needed to lay down. Then to everyone surprise, she went peacefully around midnight without anyone's knowledge.

Here are some of the awards where she had lend her hand.



  1. 7th. International Digital Imaging, Germany - DVF Diploma
  2. 1st. International Digital Fotosalon Camera66, Germany - PSA Best Creative Gold Medal
  3. 9th. FotoOlot Unconventional Photography, Poland - FIAP Honour Mention
  4. 6th. Malmo International Exhibition of Photographic Art, Sweden - FIAP Honour Mention
  5. 7th. Virtual Imaging International Exhibition, Germany - FIAP Honour Mention
  6. 53rd. Singapore International Photo Award, Singapore - FIAP Honour Mention


  1. 1st. Arizona Photographic Society Electronic Imaging Exhibition, USA - FIAP Honour Mention
  2. 2nd. Sicilian Photo Contest 2007", Italy
    3กใ Trofeo Internazionale "Premiato Cine Foto Club" - Certificate of Merits
    10กใ Concorso Fotografico Internazionale "Imago" -
    FIAP Honour Mention


RIP Wan, you will live in my heart forever.


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