Mao Niu Going Home ©Steve Chong

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Mao Niu Going Home

Camera: Mamiya RZ Pro II
Lens: RZ 250mm
Film: Fuji Velvia
Aperture: F22
Shutter: 1/2s
Filter: Polarizing Filter
Light: Natural Light
Location: Xing Du Qiao, China
Date: 21, October 2004
The Sze Chuan people like to call Xing Du Qiao as "Heaven for photography enthusiast". After visiting the place I could argue a single bit about such claim. Photo was taken on top of a hill. The light peaking through the mountains was truly magnificent. Initially I thought capturing the scene without the buffalos would already gave an excellent shot, when I walk further down the hill, I saw this group of yak heading towards the huts, how lucky I was to have spotted them. Without hesitation, I ran as fast as I could to my spot and waited. With my trembling fingers and feeling a little short of breath, I was glad my effort pays off.

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