Bowl's Eye ©Steve Chong

Tech Info

Bowl's Eye

Camera: Sigma SD9
Lens: Sigma EX24-70mm
Film: X3F
Aperture: F4
Shutter: 1/45
Light: Natural Light
Date: 6, March 2005
This was a rather challenging shot. There were so many problems I have to tackle. First of all there were no bowling centers in my town, looking for the pins proved to be a tall order. At last I settled on those plastic toy ones! I ask my assistant Mr. Kadir to spray white on the pins, then I tied a red ribbon around their necks. The second task was to look for a bowling ball, like the pins it was futile. Got a ball from the same place and again Mr. Kadir painted it red for me.

I asked Ah Peng, my neighbour's kid to set the fire. He used a brush to rub some petrol on the surface, then on the count of three he ignite it. Ai Ling was all ready, she just bowled. In order to extinguish the fire, Ah Peng would have to cover the fire immediately after the ball fall off. There were smokes all over, rather appalling I must say.

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