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An Eye for An Eye

Camera: Sigma SD9
Lens: Sigma EX24-70mm
Film: X3F
Aperture: F8
Shutter: 1/45
Light: Natural Light
Date: 31, March 2005
I printed the board with my laser printer and enlarged it to 140% with a photocopier. Then, I pasted the board onto a manila card. Carefully, I placed two spray can covers beneath the board, provided just enough balance to hide them and at the same time created the illusion as though the board was floating in mid-air.

After that, deliberately, I positioned the eye balls one bye one. The soft and diffused light from windows provided such wonderful lighting, the shadows have added depth to the shot. I set the timer and shot my left hand first then the right. Using the shot with the shadows on the board of my right hand and I pasted the other in Photoshop. Believe me, the shooting sounded easier than done.

Total time 6 hours.

Total shooting time 6 hours.



  1. 9th. Concorso Fotografico Internazionale "Imago" - Italy, PSA Best Creative
  2. 3rd. Trofeo Internazionale "Le Gru" 2005, Italy, PSA Best Creative Gold Medal
  3. XXXIII Trofeo GIPUZKOA Internacional, Spain - FIAP Silver Medal
  4. 8th. International Unconventional Photography Competition "Foto Odlot", Poland - FIAP Gold Medal
  5. 2nd. Trofeo Internazionale "Rotary Club Caltanissetta", Italy - Certificate of Merits
  6. 10th. Concorso Fotografico Internazionale "Vanni Andreoni", Italy - 1st. Prize
  7. 1st. Sicilian Slide Circuit, Italy - 2 PSA Best Creative Gold Medals / 1st. Price
    Certificate of Merits



  1. 15th. Annual Georgia Slide Circuit, USA - 3 x PSA Gold Medals / 1 x Honour Mention
  2. 42nd. Salon Mondial 2006/Best Experimental Print, Italy - FIAP Gold Medal
  3. 3rd. Greater Lafayette Int. Color Salon, USA - Honour Mention
  4. 1st. French Digital Tour, France - Prix LA Creativite Medaille FPF
  5. 6th. Malmo Int. Exh. of Photographic Art, Sweden - FIAP Honour Mention


  1. Arizona Photographic Society Elec. Imaging Exh., USA - Judges Choice Gold Medal
  2. 74th. Wilmington Int. Exh. of Photography, USA - PSA Best Creative Gold Medal

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