11, May 2012
It has been a while since I last took part in any photography competition, however, having said that, I would not miss the Trierenberg Super Circuit. The competition is arguably the largest of its kind in the world. Every year more than tens of thousands of photos will be submitted to this competition, with the popularity of digital photography, the numbers are on the rise every year. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I have won a gold medal in the recent Trierenberg Super Circuit 2012 under the panorama category. The image was shot from my recent trip to Ali/Tibet, China.

3, April 2012
After attending a photography function at Kuching, Sarawak, I had the pleasure of taking some photos at Buntal, a famous fishing village among the locals. The shot was taken with Sigma SD1, EX8-16, I really love the colors captured. By the way the image was taken minutes before dawn.

1, January 2012
I will be conducting a photography talk at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Detail is as follows:
Date: 07-Jan-2012
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Chinese Assembly Hall
Title: "The Light & Mist of Yuan Yang"
Organizer: The Photographic Society of Sabah
Contact: Mr. Lai / 012-8308730
Admission: Free

See you there!!

31, December 2011
As far as my photography is concerned, year 2011 had been not bad at all, which saw the publication of my Chinese version of "Light & Mist of Yuan Yang", a series of talks, interviews and of course many photography trips. also successfully procure a few images which I am satisfied with.

Hope to do even better in 2012!

If you are reading this, wish you all the best in the year 2012!

While we sail into the year 2012, I would like to leave you with this image which I captured at Jiu Zhai Gou, China at the winter of 2011.

18, November 2011
Shi Huan Daily, one of the most widely Chinese newspaper in East Malaysia had a page for yours truly. It is an interview about my new book. I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to the publisher as well as the charming reporter Ms. Yiu!
Thank you!
You could read the interview here.

05, October 2011
Today is one of the most significant days of my life, because for the very first time I have published a book. It is a book about Yuan Yang, famous of its spectacular terraced paddy fields. I have spent the last five years photographing and writing the narrations of the place. It is on sale now!

05, October 2011
Yours truly was invited to give a presentation on Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival, or better known as KLPF. This event is one of the largest, if not "the" largest photography exhibition in Malaysia, which was held annually. It is a great platform for the shutter bugs in Malaysia to get together. There are sales, seminars, competition. Some said it is the photography carnival in Malaysia and I couldn't agree more.

04, October 2011
I have just return from the Plateau of Tibet. Together with 10 others photography enthusiast, we traverse through some of the most remote areas in China. We have even been to the based camp of Mt. Everest on the China side, the closet I have ever get to the peak of the world. I am now compiling the images and will post soonest. Meanwhile enjoy the view of Mt. Everest.

22, July 2011
I have created a gallery from my recent trip to Mt. Bromo. Albeit a short trip but I have managed to acquired quite a few shots which I really like. Just click on the link below to view the gallery. Oh by the way, you may want to check out my photo essays on Facebook.

04, July 2011
'Mt. Bromo' was named after a Hindu God. Brahma or Bromo in JavaneseˇXThe Creator Lord. July 1, I led a group of photographers comprised of Malaysians, Indonesians and Singaporean to Mt. Bromo for a photography expedition. It was an exciting trip, not only had we witnessed the awesome power of lord Bromo, but also experienced what it was like to be showered by the ashes unleashed.
Stay tune, more images coming up.

17, June 2011
I had been asked many times "Are you on Facebook?", well the answer is Yes, I am on Facebook. You can click on the thumbnail below to find me. Oh by the way, do let me know that you found me through my website.

24, April 2011
I have always been interested in surrealism, right from the early stage of my photography, photographing at Xia Pu had, in a very subtle way, invoked that inner part of my thoughts. Scenery at Xia Pu is simply breathtaking. Given the right condition, one would have to chance to see some almost surreal pieces of art. Here are a few images I managed to process so far, will post more later.

24, February 2011
Yours truly had just returned from Yuan Yang, China, leading a group of 10, comprised of Singaporeans and fellow Malaysians. It has been an interesting and fruitful trip. We had also visited a place call LuoPing, famous for the rapeseed flowers, it is situated about 230KM to the east of KunMing. Alas the weather wasn't too cooperating at LuoPing. However, as far as shooting at Yuan Yang is concerned, she never failed to impress me. I managed to get some keepers, as for LuoPing, I will surely return.
Click on the thumbnail below to view the gallery.

25, January 2011
Digital SLR Photography, one of the fastest growing photography magazine in Malaysia, had recently conducted an interview with yours truly. Thanks to the two beautiful and intelligent editors, Ms. Lu Xanne and Jayne Kennedy, and the publisher himself Mr. KL Yeam, the interview went so well. They have got me into discussing some of the most inner thoughts about my photography. The interview was published on their February 2011 issue. Click on the thumbnail to read the interview in full.

15, December 2010
Despite the fact that I have almost lost count on how many times I have visited Yuan Yang, China, but it has never fail to impress me. For this trip, not only I have captured the magnificent ray beams and also the sea clouds, I have also witnessed the change at Yuan Yang.  Such change, I hope, will bring about a better living standard for its people.
Here are two images for your viewing pleasure.

12, December 2010
Fotokaki www.photokaki.com, one of the largest photography community in Malaysia had invited yours truly to their 5+1 Anniversary at one of the renown shopping mall at Kuala Lumpur. Yours truly was most grateful to be invited to give a presentation about Yuan Yang during the event. The reception had been tremendous!

29, October 2010
Yours truly was invited to give a presentation about "Salon Photography" during the Kula Lumpur Photography Festival 2010 (KLPF). In conjunction with the event, I will also launch my very first book titled: "The Light & Mist of Yuan Yang". Sigma Malaysia has been very kind that they have offered yours truly a booth for the occassion.

18, September 2010
Yours truly was invited by ADPD Sdn. Bhd. the distributor for Sigma series of equipment in Malaysia, and HWM (HardWare Magazine) to give a presentation about photography at a renowned hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It is back to basics time! The event had attracted about 70 participants I am glad that everyone had enjoy the show. Click on the thumbnail to read the report in full.

15, September 2010
Yours truly just returned from Xin Jiang, China. This tour marked my second visit. It has been a wonderful trip, tour mates are some the nicest people! I have made lots of panorama shots from the trip. Seems to me that only panorama could satiates my hunger for photography for the time being. Here is one I captured in Ghost City, will post more later, I mean the pano, not the ghost.

26, August, 2010
See Hua Daily, one of the most widely read Chinese daily in East Malaysia conducted an interview with yours truly during my stay in Kuching, Sarawak. The young and beautiful journalist Ms. Patricia Yiu has spent more than an hour with yours truly, talking about the phases of yours truly photographic career. Yours truly was most surprised when the interview was given such a wide coverage on the newspaper.
To See Hua Daily and Ms. Yiu, I wish to extend my heartiest gratitude.

05, August 2010
Yours truly was invited by SPAS (Sarawak Photo-Ar Society) to give a presentation about salon photography. The presentation on the evening was published on the Sarawak local newspapers. I was truly touched by the hospitality of the members of SPAS, it had been an interesting experience. After the show, we went to the famous "Long House" for a photography excursion. Here are some images from the trip.
20, July 2010
This trip marked the 2nd time I visited West Java. I had the honor of leading 10 photographers from East and West of Malaysia, much like the east meets the west. But regardless of the logistic, it had been a wonderful expedition. We have the pleasure of venturing into some remote areas of West Java. Deep in the village, we have discovered how the folks live a simple life. I remember a quote somewhere:
"Happiness is not measure by how much one own, but by how little one needs."

Here are some images from the trip.

22, May 2010
Yours truly was invited to judge for the 29th International Malaysia Salon Exhibition 2010, organized by The Photographic Society of Malaysia (PSM). It was such a great honor. PSM is currently one of the most active photographic societies in Malaysia, they have hosted the most number of international salons in Malaysia.
In the image, from far left, Steven Yee, Dr. Nick Ng, yours truly, Soo Wee Ming and Harry Woo.

07, April 2010
Your truly will be organizing three photography trips in the upcoming months.
16-23, Jul 2010 - West Java, Indonesia co-organized by Rarindra Prakasa and yours truly.
03-13, Sep 2010 - Xin Jiang China Photography Expedition organized by yours truly.
22-29, Dec 2010 - Yuan Yang Photography Expedition organized by yours truly.
Drop me a mail if you are interested.

03, April 2010
How time flies, you might noticed that yours truly had not been updating the blog for a while now, that's because yours truly is currently conducting a "project" which I could not reveal at the moment, but I could promise you one thing, it will be a good one.
Anyway, I thought you might be interested in some panorama images I have created from my previous trip to Yuan Yang. Click the thumbs to see the panos.

10, January 2010
Yours truly was invited by Palm Image Production, or better known as PIP, to give a presentation about Yuan Yang during their opening on the 10, January 2010. The attendance had been very encouraging which saw about 100 shutterbugs from around the Batu Pahat and Muar region. Palm Image Production was the brainchild of six talented young photographers who are lead by Eddie Chang, the chief photographer. You can browse through their website at the link below.

26, December 2009
My trip to Yuan Yang from the 18 to 25, December 2009 marked my 9th (or was it 10th?) visit this place. I can't explained why, but the place has that charm I couldn't resist.
Compare to some ardent Yuan Yang fans, who had been living there for couple of months even years, my repeated visits seemed pale comparatively speaking. Here are two images I managed to process so far.

26, November 2009
Yours truly had just returned from Dong Chuan, China. Thanks to the cold current, during the short 8 days trip, I have the pleasure of witnessing some of the most breathtaking autumn and winter scenes.
To provide warmth, the locals would light fire in their home, providing a fantastic atmosphere for some indoor portraiture photography. Folks here were warmth and honest, a paradise indeed!

21, September 2009
After more than 14 hours of tortuous judging, the winners of the "1st.Negeri Sembilan Int'l Salon of Photography 2009" had finally emerged.
Thanks to the capable judges and the competent judging crew, the judging process went smoothly.
Other than the salon, the photographic society had also organized an international seminar where some of the renown photographers from 4 countries had been invited to give a presentation. The seminar had attracted more than 200 shutterbugs from around the country.
Yours truly felt truly honored to be elected as the organizing chairman for both events. More photos about the two activities will be posted soon, meanwhile do check out the winning images from the salon.

07, August 2009
Yours truly had just returned from Yuan Yang, China; a place where my counterparts had been teasing me as my "second home". Despite the sarcastic remarks, it was nevertheless an exciting expedition. The paddy fields had turned into golden colors! I had also the chance of exploring deeper into villages and shot some images of the natives. Here are two which I like to share with you. More to come, stay tune. 

01, August 2009
Yours truly was featured in a Romanian online interactive photographic magazine called Camera Obscura, on their 10th. issue. Here are the words best describe the magazine, "Camera Obscura a monthly Romanian photomagazine started November 2008. The objective of the magazine is to promote photographers and photography, both amateur and professional. It portrays themed shots of people, places, photojournalism nature and more, with minimal accompanying descriptive text.".
Yours truly interview starts from page 21-35, do click on the link below or you could download the entire PDF (28.3MB)

30, July 2009
Yours truly had just returned from a trip in West Java, Indonesia. It was great fun! Nice food, friendly people, wonderful weather and most of all great photography, what could one asked for more? Here are a two images I managed to process so far, more to come stay tune!

18, June 2009
I felt extremely honour today as the the local media had published the news regarding my ARPS distinction. You could click on the thumb below to read the coverage in full. They have also at the same time wrote a short account about The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain as well as my statement of intent.

17, June 2009
Today is a very special day for me, as I learned that I had obtained a distinction in Associateship of Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (ARPS) under the visual art category! A set of images I shot in Yuan Yang, China over 6 visits had obviously won the fancy of the judges. Click here to the view the series of images.
I would like to thank the folks who had been supporting me and believing in me all this while. You know who you are!

12, June 2009
Foto-Video, a photography and video magazines had conducted an interview with yours truly. The interview was published on the June/09 issue.
The interview was conducted via email, the interviewer Cristina Costieanu, who understood completely about my poor command of the Romanian language was kind enough to translate the entire interview in English. Click here if you are interested to read the interview in full. Or click on the thumb if you would like to read in the original version.

16, June 2009
Yours truly had just returned from Tai Shan, China. The weather sadly wasn't too cooperative, it rained for almost 3 days. It was really challenging to shoot under such condition, yours truly had learned nevertheless. Here are two images which I managed to process so far. One was shot with long exposure and the other was fast action!

09, May 2009
After polishing the images shot from Dong Chuan for almost twelve hours, with my strained eyes and callous wrist, yours truly had finally put up a presentation about Dong Chuan. To fully enjoy the show, do view it in full screen mode.
You could click on the thumbnail below to view the show, or click here.
Do drop me a mail and tell me what you think.

06, May 2009
Yours truly had just return from a trip in Dong Chuan and Yuan Yang China. The two locations are undoubtedly the photographer's paradise. Not only they offer breathtaking landscapes but also the quality of light left one at awe. Here is a panorama I managed to process so far. Stay tune, more to come, and make sure you check out my landscape section in the near future.

23, April 2009
PhotoMalaysia.com arguably the largest photography website in Malaysia had just completed their "Photo of The Year" competition. Yours truly had the honour of being invited as one of the judges in the panel.
The judging took place at CPS (Canon Professional Services) Lounge located at Paremba Square, The Saujana, Shah Alam. You can read more about the competition at photomalaysia.com website. (Photo courtesy of Steven Leong, moderator of photomalaysia.com)

20, March 2009
Yours truly had been really busy lately, preparing the "1st Negeri Sembilan International Salon Of Photography 2009". Other than the salon, there will be seminars and talks, where the key speakers comprise of some of the renown photographers around the region, including the "Master of Hassablad" Mr. Xie Mo from China. Detail for both of the event will be published soon. Follow the link below to the work of Mr. Xie, while I leave you to his great images, I have to get back to work.

22, February 2009
Yours truly had just returned from a photography trip in Yuan Yang, China. This tour marked my forth visit to this photography paradise. The previously visit took place in December 2008. Thanks to the fine weather and our capable local guide, Mr. Ma Li Wen, I had managed to capture some images to my satisfactory. Before I show you the photos, here are two images for your viewing pleasure.

11, January 2009
11th. day into 2009 and yours truly was extremely honour to be awarded a hononary fellowship by The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. The ceremony of the conferment was conducted during the annual dinner of the 61th. anniversary of the society.

20, December 2008
Yours truly had just returned from Yuan Yang, China. "Yuan Yang again?" I heard you say. Yes, this is the third time that yours truly pay pilgrimage this photography holy land. The main difference between the previous two trips was that yours truly lead a group of 16 shutterbugs. It was undoubtedly a fun trip. People were nice and funny! Most of all everyone got some nice images from the trip. Good photos, nice people, what could one ask for more?
Here are some images I managed to process so far.

03, December 2008
With the assistance of my old friend Alex Wong, yours truly is having an exhibition at Sabancı University, Turkey. Title of the exhibition is called "Threefold Photography Exhibit". Together with Fin Teo and Alex Wong, art pieces gathered were based on conceptual photography. Yours truly was rather excited as it was the second time my work were exhibited in Turkey. Alex, if you are reading this I want to say a big "Thank You!" to you!

18, November 2008
I have just returned from Tai Shan, China. It has been a very interesting trip. The long coast line at southern China has not only provide the livelihood for millions of people but also a paradise for photography. Despite the economy boom in China, the place had changed little, folks here still live their life very much like the way it has been, 30 years ago.

The main contractor will provide the net, tractor, fuel and etc. The fishermen the labors, they worked. Ironically, they received no pay, fish caught will be divided, the better 60% go to the contractor, the fishermen get the remaining share.

I  have also learned that the current generation perhaps will be the last batch that deal with such laborious trade, the younger generation preferred to work in factories and in the cities. Before I write a full account of the place, I leave you with a few images I managed to process so far.

25, October 2008
Following the presentation given in KLPF 2008, yours truly was invited by the Photographic Society of Malacca to give a talk about my experiences photographing in Yuan Yang, China. The talk had been very well received, close to 100 people as well shutterbugs around the region had attended the talk. Seemed to me that the images I took, especially those with "Jesus light" as the shutterbugs here like to call the phenomena, had managed to steal the limelight.

16, October 2008
Yours truly was invited to give a presentation about Yuan Yang in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2008 or better known as "KLPF" 2008. The event which is held annual is arguably one of the larges photography exhibitions in Malaysia. Every year tens of thousands of photography enthusiasts will visit the show, there will be bargains, seminars, competitions, photography tips and etc, in short a carnival for the photography world in Malaysia.

06, October 2008
I have just returned from XinJiang. The trip was one of the most memorable trips I have ever hard, I am totally at awe at the vastness of the area and touched by the hospitality of its people. It is indeed an eye opener for me.
I will post some images as soon as I find the time. Being away for 18 days, I have a lot of catching up to do. So here are two images for your viewing pleasure.

11, September 2008
I will embark on a Photography excursion to XinJiang, China on the 19, September 2008 for 18 days. XinJiang borders Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, home to 47 ethnic groups and 19 million people, as far as photography is concerned, XinJiang has a lot to offer.

Stay tune for the latest update!

18, August 2008
Yours truly was invited to give a presentation at Canon Pro Center, located in Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur.
Title of the talk is "Conceptual & Surrealistic Photography".
Here is the detail:
Date: 24, August 2008
Time: 2pm
Venue: Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2143 9148
Please call to make reservation, or you could go to www.canon.com.my for more info. Well you maybe wondering what's an ardent Sigma user doing in a Canon flagship shop, I guess, when it comes to conceptual photography, it has little to do with what equipment one uses but a lot to do with the ideas and concept.

09, August 2008
The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan invited yours truly to conduct a 2D/1N intensive course on Photoshop. There were 18 participants, including the society's honorable advisors Datuk Hon Choon Kim and Dato Goh Siew Huat. This was the first time that yours truly had the opportunity to conduct a class on Photoshop to the members of the society. The event was held in the exquisite Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson. It has been a memorable experience.

02, July 2008
Yours truly was invited to judge a photo competition organized by the 'Perak Chamber of Commerce", co-organized by "The Perak Photographic Association". There were exactly 100 shutter bugs took part in the competition and total number of entries amounted to 616 pieces.

The souvenir was very nice, a shield made of crystal. When I showed the photos and and souvenir to Mom, she said: "Very nice!" then she grinned and said most unexpectedly; "You need a haircut son!"

22, June 2008
Today witnessed the prize giving ceremony of "The 28th Malaysia International Photography Salon 2008". Yours truly was fortunate enough to win a PSM bronze medal under the travel section. A photo I took during the last trip to Yuan Yang, China, entitled "The Light @ Yuan Yang #1" managed to capture the judge's heart. The ceremony was officiated by the Chief Minister of Selangor, Malaysia, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (in batik). Interestingly this also marked the first time that I have won in salon at home, despite the fact that I have won in more than 15 countries world wide.

20, May 2008
"The Malaysian Chinese Photojournalist Association" or better known as MCPA invited yours truly to conduct a one day course on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe LightRoom.
The participants comprised mainly photojournalists from the mainstream Chinese newspapers. Photojournalist from AP Mr. Vincent Thien (left) who is also the president of the association was among the participants.

15, May 2008
Yours truly was invited to judge a photography competition organized by "The Perak Photographic Association". The theme of the contest was titled "Colors of Perak", and the entries were colorful indeed. I have the chance of witnessing some of the most outstanding images captured by the photographers the country. I will post some images as soon as I get a copy of the photos.

23, April 2008
My quest for better photography on lotus has almost come to an end, or should I say "forced" to an end. Just when I thought how well the buds will grow tomorrow, to my disappointment, gone were them the next day, alas. Apparently, a group of unscrupulously people were plucking the blossoms. Sometimes, I felt deeply as I was looking through my viewfinder, trying my best in every possible means, to capture the charm and character of the lotus, they were actually looking back, despising the human ill behavior.

The vacancy created, has allowed me to update my site this morning. Click on the thumbnail below to see images captured on my second visit to Yuan Yang, China.

14, April 2008
Recently, water lilies and lotus were at their full glory near the park in my town, Bahau. Blossoms grew incredibly and the ponds were full of them. Alas, there are those who think the blossoms would sit prettier in their homes. The business was usually conducted at night though some was audaciously carried out in bright daylight. Yours truly was fortunate to snap some photos before irreversible damage was inflicted.
Click on the thumbnail to see the slide show of these blossoms, I call it, "The Wax and Wane of Lotus". Do on your speakers, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

10, March 2008
Despite the busy schedule, yours truly found time to submit a couple of photos to GASO (Georgia South Circuit). I guessed I was extremely lucky, I won a whooping ten "Honor Mentioned" and 3 gold medals including a "Best of Show". Incidentally the photo of the kid I took during my first trip to Yuan Yang has just won a merits award in Singapore. Not bad at all for my second attempt in B/W photography.

08,March 2008
You may have noticed the blog had not been updated for awhile, that is because yours truly got a pass to be a photojournalist during the 12th. Malaysian General Election. It had been a really exciting two weeks, yours truly was really grateful to be able to be part of the action.
Shooting photojournalism type of photos is another beast altogether but I learned a great deal nevertheless. Looking forward to more of this type of photography.

7, January 2008
First week entering the new year, yours truly was assigned a heavy task. The Photographic Society of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, in conjunction with its 60th. anniversary, has decided to publish a photo magazine. Yours truly was selected as the editor.

With the help of the members, the selection and editing went smoothly. Here is the cover of the book which was designed by yours truly.

1, January 2008
Happy New Year! Happy New Year! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous near year.

May the year 2008 brings peace and harmony to the world. I maybe dreaming but it is really my wish.

30, December 2007
I just returned from a trip in Yuan Yang China. It was truly a fantastic trip, it appeared lady luck was on our side, boy, had I witnessed some of the most incredible quality of light, the scenery with the dances of the fog was just breathtaking.

I couldn't publish the images yet, as I need time to write the accounts before my memory of the places faded away, though I believe firmly it won't go off that easily.

Now that I had stirred up your curiosity, I guess I better put up some thumbnails.

1, December 2007
Yours truly was invited to present a talk on "creative photography" before an audience who were comprised of young adults age ranged from 13 to 25 years young. The event was organized by Photo Creator and sponsored by FujiFilm Malaysia. Total attendance was about 70 people. Yours truly was overwhelmed by the treatment given, almost a celebrity status. You can click on the thumbnails below to see some of the highlights of the event. Oh by the way, the caption in Chinese on the left thumbnail means "Creative Photography".

23, November 2007
More interviews! "Advanced Images" or better known as "AI" over here in Malaysia, has featured yours truly in their bi-monthly publication. Yours truly felt even more honoured when they have also chosen "Tango of Exuberance" as the cover of the issue.
You could click on the PDF below (502KB) to read the interview in full, you need Acrobat Reader though.

12, November 2007
Yours truly was honoured to be featured in "Digital Photographer", one of the most widely read photography magazine in the UK. The issue was about how photographers could quench the thirsts for photography during winter. My still life and conceptual line of work fit their theme pretty well. You could click on the PDF below to read the interview (you need Acrobat Reader), or you could click on the Digital Photographer's icon to find out more about the magazine.

20, October 2007
PSS (The Photographic Society of Singapore) has sent me the result of the "54th. Singapore International Photography Awards 2007". I was delighted to learn that I have won a 'PSS Merits Awards' in the monochrome section. The award was rather significant, since this is the first time I have won an award in the monochrome section in any international salon, more importantly it has marked the 3rd. time in a row that I have won a title in this salon. The first one was in the year 2005.

16, September 2007
September seems like a month for forums and talks. Yours truly was honour to be invited to give a talk to the largest Photography Society of Malaysia, PSM (Photographic Society of Malaysia). The title of the talk was "Conceptual Photography - Seeing Beyond Seeing". Senior members, including its president Harry Woo and the committee members were part of the attendance.

15, September 2007
I was invited as a guest speaker for a forum entitled: "Can Digital Photography Make One a Better Photographer?" in the KLPF 2007 (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2007). I felt rather honoured as other panelists were some of the biggest names in the world of photography Malaysia. It was an exciting debate, more than 300 people attended the forum. we were glad that members from the floor, including a senior and renown Malaysia photographer, Mr. Foo Kok Kian was actively participating.

From left Greg Young, Chief Editor of Advanced Images, yours truly. Alex Moh a very season photographer and master of b/w photography. Kelvin Chan, Art Director of Dragonfly Design.
8, August 2007
I managed to find time to joined a group of photographers from Photo Creator Malaysia for a photography expedition to Kathmandu and Tibet

The trip was full of drama and unexpected incidents. To begin with, the departure date was brought forward several times by the airlines "due to some unforeseen circumstances", as explained by them, despite the fact that the tickets were already in our hands.

To make matters worse, our luggage went missing en route. We were only able to reclaim our luggage 7 days after our arrival at Tibet. Luckily my gears were with me though without the charger and batteries. I finally realized the true meaning of "traveling light". Imagine traveling in some of the most remote areas of the world with only two pairs underwear, two t-shirts, one jacket, one pair of jeans and two pairs of socks. Toiletries were woefully limited to only 1 toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and a shaver. Any extras were considered luxuries.

Anyway, thanks to the incompetence of the airlines we missed the "Sho Tun" festival in Tibet which was our biggest disappointment.

Will update the travel section as soon as I find the time.

2, August 2007
"A Tale of Woe" received an "Honorable Mentioned" in the PSA Photography Exhibition 2007. PSA (Photographic Society of America) is inarguably the highest authority in the world of international salon.

07, July 2007
I went to Terengganu, Malaysia for a photo shoot out. The weather was not very cooperative, didn't even have the mood to unfold my 4x5, however, despite the bad lighting I managed to catch a shot of the famous floating mosque using my faithful Sigma SD9. Terengganu is really a lovely place, with such long coastline, it has created an abundance shooting opportunity. I am hoping to create a series based on the scenery and people of east Malaysia coastline.

20th. May 2007
I finally get to know the colors of the medals that I have won in GASO (Georgia Annual Slide Circuit) and I was overwhelmed by the amount of gold medals I have won.

"Omnipotence" won a PSA gold medel and 2 "Honorable Mentioneds"
"An Unholy Pact" won 3 "Honorable Mentioneds"
"Passion of Bacchus" won 3 PSA Gold Medals and 2 "Honorable Mentioneds"
"The Path Less Taken" won a PSA Gold Medal and 2 "Honorable Mentioneds"

Seems to me that the relatively new shot "An Unholy Pact" begun to receive some recognitions.

16, May, 2007
I just received the report card from the "2nd. Sicilian Photo Contest 2007", I was extremely pleased to discover that "At Wit's End" the very first image from the EyeVenture series, had won a whooping 3 PSA Best Creative gold medals. Honestly, I have neglected this image, I feel that it didn't receive the kind of exposure it deserved. I am glad that the winnings have proved me right.

"Omnipotence", continues to do well. It grabbed another "Honourable Mentioned" in the same contest.

3, March,2007
I just came back from Yuan Yang China. It is located in the Yun Nan province, about 200KMs from Kun Ming. It was a photography excursion organized by the Photographic Society of Malaysia. I had the pleasure of shooting with some of the best photographers from  Malaysia. Will update the gallery as soon as I found the time. Meanwhile enjoy the thumbnails.

The light in Yuan Yang have been nothing but breathtaking. I have witnessed some of the most incredible light in my life. If there is God, Yuan Yang must have been his playground.

08, February 2007
More good news flowing in! I just received a snail mail, yes the traditional mail from Belgium today. I learned that I have won a CvB (Centrum voor Beeldexpressie) bronze medal from the "19e Reflet mondial de la photographie - Mouscron" salon. It was my dynamic "Shaken Not Stirred" that won the honour. This is the first time that I have won such an award.

04, February 2007
The result of the 27th. RCC International Exhibition of Photography had been announced and I am delighted to learn that I have won a gold medal under the creative category. It is "An Eye For An Eye" which captured the title! The salon was organized by Ridgewood Camera Club which was established in 1937.

31. January 2007
Georgia Annual Slide Circuit or better known as GASO, has sent me the results of their 2007 International Slide Circuit. I was absolutely delighted when I discovered I have won 5 Medals and 9 Honour Mentions in the Circuit. The Circuit comprised of 5 Salons, namely Woodstock Southern, Dixie Southern, Rome Southern, Peachtree Southern, Atlanta Southern. I however, have not been notified on what are those medals yet, perhaps gold, silver or bronze. Stay tune for more updates.

30, January 2007
I just received the result of the 74th. Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography. "An Eye For An Eye" has done it again! It won a "PSA Best Creative" gold medal. The other 2 shots "Omnipotence" and "Enigma of the Masses" were accepted. The victory was significant, as it was my debut to this Salon.

12, January 2007
Twelve days into 2007 and I had the honour of winning my first salon this year! Yes! It is "An Eye for An Eye" which won a "Judge's Choice" medal in 1st. Arizona Photographic Society Electronic Imaging Exhibition. The victory was even more significant when my other two images, namely "Omnipotence" and "The Path Less Taken" had won "Honourable Mentioned". I guess both AZPS and I had made history, simply because this my first time submiting and winning in the salon and AZPS's first EID exhibition.

6, December, 2006
The results of the "53rd Singapore International Photography Award" had been announced. I was delighted to learn that "Omnipotence" has once again proved her power, she won a "FIAP Honour Mention" in the 'Digital Experimental Colour' section. With this victory, "Omnipotence" had won 1 PSA Most Creative Gold Medal and 5 FIAP Honor Mentions this year. I guess never in her wildest dream that my beloved 90++ young lady would have thought that her hand could extend this deep in the photography world.

30, November 2006
"Nan Yang Shang Pau", one of the most widely read Chinese newspapers in Malaysia had given me almost two full pages of coverage today. The news covered ranged from my recent trip to Europe as well as how I had discovered the passion for photography back in 2001. I felt extremely honored and grateful to the media for giving me such privilege.

Click on the thumbnail to read the pages in full. (3.2MB)

14, November 2006
I won an FIAP Ribbon (overall result) and two "PSA Honorable Mentioned" in the "7th. Virtual Imaging International Exhibitions Foto Club Buenos Aires 2006 ". It was "Omnipotence" once again, the other shot was "The Path Less Taken". The awards were particularly sweet because this is the very first time that I have won awards in Latin America.

8, November, 2006
I am back in action after more than 20 days in Europe. It was really exciting and adveturous! The trip had not only broadened my photographic vision so to speak, but had also left and impact on my philosophy of life, like the Chinese saying goes "Travel tens of thousand of miles is better than reading tens of thousand of books", literally translated. I had gained much!

29, October, 2006
Finally, I am in Linz for the moment I have been waiting for. Yes, to accept the awards I won in the 15th. Trierenberg Super Circuit . It was really great to be present in the gala, the event was held in the Design Center of Linz, much more grand than I have anticipated. I was honored to be interviewed on stage. Dr. Chris, the host had asked me two questions:

"Steve Chong is Malaysia’s No. 1 photographer. Despite the usual exotic Asian style he prefers a very modern photography, full of creativity and ideas. After a press conference in Malaysia, where the press was informed about his success the ministry of culture decided to cover his travel expenses to Austria. So you are here Steve. What is the standing of photography in modern Malaysia and why do you deal so intensively with movement, gravity and things in suspense?"

and here were my answers:

"First of all I felt really honored to be here. To answer your questions, well, the standard of photography in Malaysia is very high but since this year they are busy preparing for "Visit Malaysia Year 2007"; to participate, they sent me instead, so, here I am accepting the awards!

To answer your second question, if you believe in 'Karma' or reincarnation, I had a feeling that my previous life was born during the Wright Brothers era, where these scientists and physicians devoted their entire life into one mission, that is to defy gravity. I think I was born in this life, carry on with the mission, but this time with the camera." surprisingly my answers had attracted a round of applause from the audience who were made up by top photographers from all over the world.

It has been a great experience! Given the chance, I shall return.

25, October, 2006
One good news followed another, I won 3 FIAP Honorable Mentioneds in the "6th. Malm?International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2006 " which was held in Sweden. "Omnipotence", "An Eye For An Eye" and "Enigma of the Masses" grabbed an award each! That's my highest record of number of FIAP HM in any international salon so far!

19, October, 2006
While checking my email in the hotel, I was pleasantly surprise to see my submission to the 10th. Gran Trou Delle Colline in Italy had won third prize under 4rd. Colline del Chianti Trophy . I entered to the portfolio section a series from my EyeVenture creations. You can find out more about the award by clicking on the icon below.

16, October, 2006
I was honoured to get a sponsorship to go to Linz, Austria to receive my awards which I won in 15th. Trierenberg Super Circuit. I will take the opportunity to visit other parts of Europe, namely Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and of course Austria. So I will be back 21 days later!

20, September, 2006
Went to pay my sweet old model a visit, awarded her with an "Ang Pau" (Red packet fill with money). When I told her that her hand had became famous, she smiled, as though she has expected it. You can read more about the news on "Nan Yang Shang Pau".

18, September, 2006
I received the result from "Foto Odlot 9th. International Unconventional Photography Competition" today, the 96 years young lady's hands did it again! Yes, "Omnipotence" has won a FIAP Honarable Mentioned, plus 1000zl (app. 300USD)! Seems to me that the idea of a wrinkly hand, worn by time, teasing the liquid has captured the heart of the jury yet again. Time to reward the sweet old lady!

12, September, 2006
Power to the 90++ young lady! Omnipotence, strikes again! It won a PSA Gold Medel in a recent international photography exhibition which was held in Germany. 1st. International Digital Photosalon Camera 66 Bad Cannstatt 2006.
The award was extra sweet, as it arrived on my 41st. birthday! I wish to thank all the people who have been supporting me all this while, you know who you are, but most of all I am indebted to this 90++ young lady!

07, August, 2006
I was honored to be invited to give a talk on conceptual photography in KLPF 2006 (Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival) yesterday. The response has been very encouraging. KLPF is arguably one of the biggest if not 'the' biggest photography event in Malaysia. The exhibition has attracted hundred thousands of photography enthusiasts, art lovers, equipment dealers and even bargain hunters every year. The event was jointly organized by "Photo Creator" and "Advanced Images" the two most widely read local photography magazines.

01, August, 2006
A renown photography magazine in Romania PhotoMagazine has published the interview about me on their August 2006 issue. You can find out more about the interview here . With no disrespect to the beautiful Romanian language, I only wish my command of the language is only half as good as my English.

07, July, 2006
I was pleasantly surprise today to see I have won another PSA Creative Gold Medal. The gold came from "Enigma of the Masses" which I sent to the "32nd. Algarve Photo Salon", the international salon was held in Portugal on 26, June 2006. According to the statistic, there were 1891 photographers from 60 countries, who have submitted a total of 7193 photos in this year salon. With that victory, I have 6 PSA Creative Gold Medals under my belt so far. My other work, "The Path Less Taken" got selected. You can check out the winner's list here.


26, May, 2006
I received two results today, from the "Euro Picamera & Golden Spurs 2006" which was held in Belgium and the "1st. Salon International De Fotografia Digital Illes Balears 2006" which took place in Spain respectively. 'Shaken Not Stirred' won an "Honorable Mentioned" in the former event and 'Omnipotence', one of my latest creations grabbed a FIAP ribbon in the latter competition. Considering it is making its debut in the international arena, the victory of 'Omnipotence' was rather significant. I will post the image when the time comes. Enjoy the thumbnail for the time being.

26, May, 2006
The Star, one of most widely-read English newspaper in Malaysia has carried my recent triumphs in 15th. Trierenberg Super Circuit today. It has more than a million readers in its daily circulation. The interview was held on the 20, March 2006. You can click on the thumbnail to find out more about the coverage.

20, May, 2006
Marco van Hylckama Vlieg has conducted an interview with me last week. He has been a great admirer of my humble work and a good friend. According to him, he has always wanted to do an interview with me. The time couldn't be more appropriate when he learned that I have just won two more gold medals. You can read the interview by clicking here.

17, May, 2006
I won two gold medals in the 15th. Trierenberg Super Circuit today. "I Need You" and "An Unholy Pact " won in the "Tree" section and "Innovation" section respectively. Last year, I won 1,000 Euro, this time round, two gold medals, two are certainly better than one.  Austria Supercircuit is arguably the largest photography salon in the world, much like the Olympic games in sports. This year, the salon has attracted participants from 105 countries and more than 50,000 works have been submitted. Do click on the link below to see the larger versions.

15, March, 2006
"Knot On Blue Wooden Wall" has won an Honorable Award in the 30th. Greater Lyn International Slide Salon 2006. This is the very first time that "Knot" has actually won an award. The shot was one of my many earlier still life works. I am so happy to see the shot finally won an award on the international arena. "Enigma of the Masses" has done pretty well too. It has also won the same award.

05, March, 2006
I received the report card today from the "42nd. Salon Mondial 2006" which was held in Luxembourg, to my amazement, all four photos I sent, namely "Enigma of the Masses", "An Eye For An Eye", "The Path Less Taken" and "Shaken Not Stirred" have won an FIAP Gold medal each under the "Experimental Print" section. That made it 4 gold medals in a single section. You can check out the result on the organizer's website .

10, February, 2006
Sin Chew Jit Poh, one of the most widely read Chinese Daily in Malaysia has given me almost a full page coverage on my recent achievements. You can read the news in full by clicking on the thumbnails.

06, January, 2006
The year of the Dog begun with flying colors! I received the notification card from the organizing chairman of the "15th. Annual Georgia Slide Circuit 2006". I have won a whooping 7 medals in the competition. All of the images have been accepted in the salons including 9 "Honarable Mentioned" and a "Best of Show". I however, have not received the details of the result yet. Details will be posted as soon as I got them, so stay tuned!

31, December, 2005
2005, a year in retrospective, I guess I have done pretty well!! I have won no less than 10 gold medals plus some silvers and prize money. I was also fortunate enough to be featured in many magazines in the world, not to mention became a contributing editor for a local photography magazine. Hopefully I could do better in 2006.

17, November, 2005
Photo Creator, one of the most renown photography magazines in Malaysia has published my photos as well as my article "Conceptual and Surrealistic Photography" in their November 2005 issue. I was truly honored to see that the publication had used one of my photos as the cover for their current edition.

15, November, 2005
I received the results of the 1st. Sicilian Slide Circuit 2005 today. The circuit comprised of five salons, namely:

Salon 1 - 3rd. Trofeo Internazionale "Le Gru"
Salon 2 - 2nd. Trofeo Internazionale "Rotary Club Caltanissetta"
Salon 3 - 11th. ?Concorso Fotografico Internazionale "Naxos"
Salon 4 - 9th. Concorso Fotografico Internazionale "Imago"
Salon 5 - 10th. Concorso Fotografico Internazionale "Vanni Andreoni"

4 of my photos from the Eye Venture series:

An Eye For An Eye, Shaken Not Stirred, Passion of Bacchanalian and Enigma of The Masses have done exceptionally well.

An Eye For An Eye won PSA Best Creative in Salon 1, a Certificate of Merits in Salon 2, PSA Best Creative in Salon 4 and 1st. Prize in Salon 5

Shaken Not Stirred won ISF Diploma in Salon 1, PSA Best Creative in Salon 3

Passion of Bacchanalian won ISF Diploma in Salon 4, PSA Best Creative in Salon 5

Enigma of the Masses won a Certificate of Merits in Salon 4

All four photos were accepted in each individual Salon.

The other thing which I feel worth mentioning was that there were 5 "PSA Most Creative" medals presented in the circuit, to my surprise, I have won 4 out of 5.

With the results listed above, I have won the overall Best Author in the general section of the circuit.

09, November, 2005
The day begun with a wonderful message in my mailbox, An Eye for an Eye has won the FIAP silver medal in the "XXXIII Trofeo GIPUZKOA Internacional 2005 ". This was the first time that I entered to this prestigious competition which was held in Donastia, San Sebastian, Spain.

30, September, 2005
Go Eye Balls Go! "The Adventure of the eye balls" marched on! With 7 photos, namely "Shaken Not Stirred", "At Wit's End", "Trajectory of Hope", "An Eye for an Eye", "Enigma of the Masses", "Retrieval and Despair" and "The Path Less Taken" forming an alliance, grabbed the FIAP gold medal under "The Best Experimental Work" in the 9th. Gran Tour Delle Colline which was held in Italy. The other photos, "Pushing the Envelope" and "Passion of Bacchanalian" were also accepted in the competition. You can find the overall result here .

19, September, 2005
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I have won an FIAP gold medal from the 8th. International Unconventional Photography Competition "Foto Odlot" which was organized by Provincial Culture Center in Rzeszow in Poland. As quoted by the organizer,  "FOTO ODLOT" - (literally, "Freaking Out", "High") - is a slang expression referring to a state of mind distancing the observer from reality, social conventions, norms and patterns of behavior. I guess my mysterious "Eye Venture" fits the theme well. The four photos submitted were: "An Eye For An Eye", "Shaken No Stirred", "Trajectory Of Hope" and "Passion Of Bacchanalian."

08, September, 2005
"Enigma of the masses" won the gold medal of the 52nd Singapore International Salon of Creative Photography, organized by The Photographic Society of Singapore. The other shots, "Passion of Bacchanalian", "Trajectory of Hope" and "Shaken Not Stirred" were accepted in the "Creative" category.
"Friends", "First Ray At Yang Mai Yung" and "Golden Peak", were chosen in the Travel section respectively. According to its chairman Steven Yee, this is the first time the Salon goes fully digital in Singapore in the Salon's 52 years of history and it has been a great success.
I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for selecting my photos but most of all I would like to thank my crew for lending their hands. (pun intended)

23, August, 2005
The "Eye Venture" series strikes again! This time, "Enigma of the masses" won the gold medal of the 6. Internationaler Digitaler-Foto-Salon 2005 Laupheim - Germany "Passion of Bacchanalian" did pretty well too, it got an "Hounarable Mentioned" in this international competition. The other 3 shots "Trajectory of Hope", "Shaken Not Stirred" and "An Eye for An Eye " were also selected. My crew, who had helped me to pose in "Enigma of the masses" were overjoyed to learn the news, considering they are merely kids age from 6 to 15, I could understand how they feel.

20, August, 2005
I received the certificate from Photography Society Of Americal (PSA) today. In other words, I have been accepted as a member of this prestigious society. PSA, is arguably the largest photography society in the world. Its objective is to "To promote the Art & Sciences of Photography and further public education therein." as quoted by the president of the society Mr. Richard Frieders.

23, July , 2005
"Shaken, not stirred" has done it again. It won a bronze medal in bbsv-foto.at, an online international photography salon. Double delight, when the other shots in the series namely "At Wit's End", "Retrieval and Despair" and "Entrapment" were also being accepted.

18, May, 2005
Sin Chew Jit Poh, one of the most renown Chinese newspaper in Malaysia carried the news of my recent award in Austria Supercircuit today. I couldn't express enough my gratitude to the newspaper for publishing the news on the prominent space at their local section. You can also read about the news on their website, click here for the link.

11, May, 2005
I was truly delighted to learn that "Shaken, not stirred" has won the first prize plus prize money of 1000 in the "Sports, Dynamic & Movement" category of Austria Supercircuit 2005! The is the second time I participated to this international competition. Austria Supercircuit is arguably the biggest if not 'Da  biggest photography salon in the world. Tens of thousands of photographers ranging from pros to serious amateurs take part in this competition every year.

21, April 2005

Foveon, maker of one of the most advanced color image sensor ever built is currently showcasing one of my photos on their gallery section. Despite the fact that I don't do portraits that regularly, I was overjoyed by the news nevertheless! I have every reason to believe, Ai Ling, our young model would share the joy too. One behalf of the crew who had helped creating the shot, we would like to extend our gratitude to Foveon! It has been an honour!

09, April 2005
I have never been so prolific! Ideas sparked off like fire crackers in Chinese New Year! I have managed to create 7 images in less than two weeks! Have been really busy and occupied producing the images. It was fun nevertheless, like they say, half of the fun is to get there. Click here to see the images.

21, Febuary 2005
Thanks to Sigma User Group, the work produced by its members were published in a bi-monthly photography magazine, Fotoforum in Germany. I was honoured that one of my photos were chosen. Click on the thumbs below to see the images. Ai Ling, the model in the shot was delighted nevertheless.

24, January 2005
Two of the most distinguished newspapers in Malaysia, Nan Yang Shang Pao and China Press have published the photo of my recent trip to China today on their local section. I passed my account on "the making of" the shot to them, apparently they liked the write out as well as the photo. Click the icons below to read the report in full, it was however, written  in Chinese. Click here for the actual photo.


23, November 2004
It has been a while I last updated the page, I have been busy with work and shooting. About time I add more images. I couldn't find a more appropriate time to this than now. Just returned from 18-days photography expedition in Dao Cheng/Yading, China. It has been a very memorable moment. The trip too has marked a new era in my photography. Most of the images were shot using the newly acquired Mamiya RZ Pro II.

I was also fortunate enough to witness some of the most spectacular lighting in my photography career. Do click on the samples below to see what I meant.

Enough said, click here to see my latest works.

16, August, 2004
I was pleasantly surprised today when I discovered one of my photos entitled: Old Tricks was chosen as POW (picture of the week) on photo.net
Photo.net is arguable, the largest and oldest photography forum on the Internet. Thousands of photography enthusiasts ranging from beginners to top professionals logon to the site every week.

30, July, 2004
I am delighted to announce that Sin Chew Jit Poh, one of the oldest newspaper in Malaysia has published an article about my work today. The article can be found on their Negeri Sembilan (the state I live in) local section. It is certainly wonderful and meaningful news as my site has just celebrated the first anniversary. Do click on the thumbnail below to read the news in full, it was however, written in Chinese. I haven't found the time to translate them yet. My apology if you can't read Chinese.

17, July, 2004
Today, Saturday, 17, July, 2004, marked the first anniversary of my site. Over the period of one year, many of my work have been published on magazines, newspaper as well on other renown photography websites globally. It has been a productive and exciting year for me.
Some basic statistics about the site as of 17, July 2004:
Hits: 652,606
Average per day: 1,792

10, July, 2004
I received a copy of Austria Supercircuit 2004 catalog today. The book has arguably collected some of the best works of the year 2004, to my amazement I discovered my humble photo "Trajectory of Hope" from the EyeVenture series was published in the catalog. Austria Supercircuit 2004 is arguably the largest salon of photography in the world.


09, June 2004
My latest creation from the "EyeVenture" series, "The Dilemma of Adam" has won two POM (Picture of the Month) awards in Photospoints . 1st. place in "Most Original Photo of the Month" and 2nd. place in the "Humor Photo of the Month" category respectively.

Click to see it on my site

01, June 2004
I am honoured to announce that my work have been published on Photo Creator, arguably one of the mostly widely read Chinese photography magazine in South East Asia.

Click to see more

12, May 2004
It gives me great pleasure to announce that 5 out of 8 prints I submitted to www.supercircuit.at, arguably one of the largest if not the largest international salon on the planet, have been accepted.  Despite the fact that I didn't win any medals, but it was nevertheless a great start. Considering I am competing with some of the best and finest photographers in the world, photographers like Thomas Herbrich, David Scheinmann, Elmar Krenkel, and Hannes Kutzler to name a few, I felt really honor to be in the final rounds.

Here are the photos.


10, April 2004
A shot I did a few months ago Pushing the Envelope won "The Most Original Photo of the Month" on www.photopoints.com . I am sure Ai Ling will be delighted to learn this.

02, April 2004
Just got back from Gui Lin and De Tian, China. Despite the fact that it was cold and foggy, it was nevertheless an interesting trip. What was disappointing though was that it was too short of a time to do some real serious photography. However, I managed to capture a few. Here are some of them:

Click to enlarge

I will be back for sure!

22, March 2004
I have always wanted to do some shots near the shore. A meeting in Kuatan provided me the opporturnity. The ND Grad filters I purchased recently were put to test. I couldn't complain about the result.

Click to enlarge

09, Feb 2004
I am delighted to announce that an image from my whimsical EyeVenture series - Croquet, won the 2nd. place in the 'Humour' category in a competition organized by Photopoints . The event is held monthly. A panel is responsible to choose the best images from thousands of photos submitted by its members. Some of world's renown photographers are actively participating too.

01, Feb 2004
It is with great pleasure to announce that my work has been featured on www.pixiport.com , one of the largest and most respected site for fine art and top notch photography.

Click to read more ...

20, Jan 2004
It is my pleasure to announce that a widely read photography magazine in Malaysia "Advanced Images Photography" interviewed me on the 16, November 2003. As a result of the rendezvous, a few of my photos as well as the details of the making of my shots "Solomon's Mine", "Swirling Seduction", "Splash of the Pewter", "Unlock the Secret"  "Pushing the Envelope" among others, were published on their Jan/Feb 2004 issue.

Click to enlarge

16, Jan 2004
I am honored and at the same time delighted to announce that my humble shot "Splash of The Pewter" was chosen as POM (Picture of the Month, January, 2004), 'Best in show award' on www.photopoints.com. At the same time my other shot "Rush " won 3rd. place on 'Action of the month' award.

01, Jan 2004
I have the honor to be invited and contributed an article about the making of the Eyeventure shot for a renown photography magazines from ShangHai, China. At the same time, I also have the pleasure to be requested to send in my photos as well as few other articles to be published on the magazine.

Click to enlarge

31, Dec 2003
The year 2003 witnessed the launch of my personal photography web site. It went live officially on 17, July 2003. Since then, I have received some very positive feedbacks as well as encouraging words from folks all over the world. It has been a wonderful and happening year. Some basic statistic of the site as of 06, Jan 2004.
It received more than 300,000 (304,918) hits so far, with an average of 1,700 (1,762) hits per day.

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