21, April 2005
Foveon, maker of one of the most advanced color image sensor ever built is currently showcasing one of my photos on their gallery section. Despite the fact that I don't do portraits that regularly, I was overjoyed by the news nevertheless! I have every reason to believe, Ai Ling, our young model would share the joy too. One behalf of the crew who had helped creating the shot, we would like to extend our gratitude to Foveon! It has been an honour!

09, April 2005
I have never been so prolific! Ideas sparked off like fire crackers in Chinese New Year! I have managed to create 7 images in less than two weeks! Have been really busy and occupied producing the images. It was fun nevertheless, like they say, half of the fun is to get there. Click here to see the images.

21, Febuary 2005
Thanks to Sigma User Group, the work produced by its member were published in a bi-monthly photography magazine, Fotoforum in Germany. I was honoured that one of my photos were chosen. Click on the thumbs below to see the images. Ai Ling, the model in the shot was delighted nevertheless.

24, January 2005
Two of the most distinguish newspapers in Malaysia, Nan Yang Shang Pao and China Press have published the photo of my recent trip to China today on their local section. I passed my account on "the making of" the shot to them, apparently they liked the writ out as well as the photo. Click the icons below to read the report in full, it was however, written  in Chinese. Click here for the actual photo.


23, November 2004
It has been a while I last updated the page, I have been busy with work and shooting. About time I add more images. I couldn't find a more appropriate time to this than now. Just returned from 18-days photography expedition in Dao Cheng/Yading, China. It has been a very memorable moment. The trip too has marked a new era in my photography. Most of the images were shot using the newly acquired Mamiya RZ Pro II.

I was also fortunate enough to witness some of the most spectacular lighting in my photography career. Do click on the samples below to see what I meant.

Enough said, click here to see my latest works.

16, August, 2004
I was pleasantly surprised today when I discovered one of my photos entitled: Old Tricks was chosen as POW (picture of the week) on photo.net
Photo.net is arguable, the largest and oldest photography forum on the Internet. Thousands of photography enthusiasts ranging from beginners to top professionals logon to the site every week.

30, July, 2004
I am delighted to announce that Sin Chew Jit Poh, one of the oldest newspaper in Malaysia has published an article about my work today. The article can be found on their Negeri Sembilan (the state I live in) local section. It is certainly wonderful and meaningful news as my site has just celebrated the first anniversary. Do click on the thumbnail below to read the news in full, it was however, written in Chinese. I haven't found the time to translate them yet. My apology if you can't read Chinese.

17, July, 2004
Today, Saturday, 17, July, 2004, marked the first anniversary of my site. Over the period of one year, many of my work have been published on magazines, newspaper as well on other renown photography websites globally. It has been a productive and exciting year for me.
Some basic statistics about the site as of 17, July 2004:
Hits: 652,606
Average per day: 1,792

10, July, 2004
I received a copy of Austria Supercircuit 2004 catalog today. The book has arguably collected some of the best works of the year 2004, to my amazement I discovered my humble photo "Trajectory of Hope" from the EyeVenture series was published in the catalog. Austria Supercircuit 2004 is arguably the largest salon of photography in the world.


09, June 2004
My latest creation from the "EyeVenture" series, "The Dilemma of Adam" has won two POM (Picture of the Month) awards in Photospoints. 1st. place in "Most Original Photo of the Month" and 2nd. place in the "Humor Photo of the Month" category respectively.

Click to see it on my site

01, June 2004
I am honoured to announce that my work have been published on Photo Creator, arguably one of the mostly widely read Chinese photography magazine in South East Asia.

Click to see more

12, May 2004
It gives me great pleasure to announce that 5 out of 8 prints I submitted to www.supercircuit.at, arguably one of the largest if not the largest international salon on the planet, have been accepted.  Despite the fact that I didn't win any medals, but it was nevertheless a great start. Considering I am competing with some of the best and finest photographers in the world, photographers like Thomas Herbrich, David Scheinmann, Elmar Krenkel, and Hannes Kutzler to name a few, I felt really honor to be in the final rounds.

Here are the photos.


10, April 2004
A shot I did a few months ago Pushing the Envelope won "The Most Original Photo of the Month" on www.photopoints.com. I am sure Ai Ling will be delighted to learn this.

02, April 2004
Just got back from Gui Lin and De Tian, China. Despite the fact that it was cold and foggy, it was nevertheless an interesting trip. What was disappointing though was that it was too short of a time to do some real serious photography. However, I managed to capture a few. Here are some of them:

Click to enlarge

I will be back for sure!

22, March 2004
I have always wanted to do some shots near the shore. A meeting in Kuatan provided me the opporturnity. The ND Grad filters I purchased recently were put to test. I couldn't complain about the result.

Click to enlarge

09, Feb 2004
I am delighted to announce that an image from my whimsical EyeVenture series - Croquet, won the 2nd. place in the 'Humour' category in a competition organized by Photopoints. The event is held monthly. A panel is responsible to choose the best images from thousands of photos submitted by its members. Some of world's renown photographers are actively participating too.

01, Feb 2004
It is with great pleasure to announce that my work has been featured on www.pixiport.com, one of the largest and most respected site for fine art and top notch photography.

Click to read more ...

20, Jan 2004
It is my pleasure to announce that a widely read photography magazine in Malaysia "Advanced Images Photography" interviewed me on the 16, November 2003. As a result of the rendezvous, a few of my photos as well as the details of the making of my shots "Solomon's Mine", "Swirling Seduction", "Splash of the Pewter", "Unlock the Secret"  "Pushing the Envelope" among others, were published on their Jan/Feb 2004 issue.

Click to enlarge

16, Jan 2004
I am honored and at the same time delighted to announce that my humble shot "Splash of The Pewter" was chosen as POM (Picture of the Month, January, 2004), 'Best in show award' on www.photopoints.com. At the same time my other shot "Rush" won 3rd. place on 'Action of the month' award.

01, Jan 2004
I have the honor to be invited and contributed an article about the making of the Eyeventure shot for a renown photography magazines from ShangHai, China. At the same time, I also have the pleasure to be requested to send in my photos as well as few other articles to be published on the magazine.

Click to enlarge

31, Dec 2003
The year 2003 witnessed the launch of my personal photography web site. It went live officially on 17, July 2003. Since then, I have received some very positive feedbacks as well as encouraging words from folks all over the world. It has been a wonderful and happening year. Some basic statistic of the site as of 06, Jan 2004.
It received more than 300,000 (304,918) hits so far, with an average of 1,700 (1,762) hits per day.

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