Name: Steve Chong
Born: 12, September 1965
Nationality: Malaysian
Marital Status: Single

How I started
I have never been interested in photography prior to October 2001. It changed when I voluntarily took up an assignment to develop a homepage for my home town, where I utilized my humble 'point & shoot' camera to capture the local images. Like any beginner, the standard of the photos left much to be desired.

Thus begun the journey of an inspiring, interesting and philosophical quest for better photography. The process involved started from the inspiration, to the intense attention and concentration required before pressing the shutter followed by the eager anticipation of the final print. I read extensively on anything to do with photography and art. After reading the series by Ansel Adams, my smouldering passion for photography was fueled further. His dedication for perfection in photography truly amazed and inspired me.

My gears
I bought an entry-level Canon EOS/88 SLR camera and before long I discovered that my needs have outgrown this faithful camera. After much research and with due consideration of my budget, I finally upgraded my gears to Canon EOS/1V plus a few more lenses and accessories.

Updated: 12, September 2003
I found I spent too much time dealing with scans images, particularly the grain produced. As far as conceptual photography is concerned especially those demand instant feedback, a digital camera came in handy. With this in mind, I acquired a Sigma SD9 and a couple of lenses. It helps my work a great deal, I have became more productive and effective.

Updated: 12, July 2004
I have always been impressed with the quality produce by medium format cameras. Large film, excellent detail, sharp and amazing tonal range. After much consideration, I bought a Mamiya RZ Pro II with a fisheye, 90mm lens and quite recently a 250mm lens.

Next stop: Large format.

About my work
At this time I am concentrating on still life photography. I find it fascinating where the photographer has to come out with a composition from the genesis of an idea. It is a challenge to both the photographer's creativity and technical skill.

Updated: 23, February 2003
After more than a year into experimental photography, I have found a comfortable niche in conceptual and surrealistic photography. Creating an idea and turning and seeing it  materialize is such an exciting process. It is like pointing the camera into the real world but shooting my sub consciousness.

 My Motto
It is not what you see, but the way you see it.

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